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Sealing The Grout Of Your Floor

Spring Cleaning

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Highly Recommend
By Jan - Dec 10, 2009
excellent job cleaning and sealing the ceramic tiles on our main floor. My husband and I were both amazed at the difference. We considered trying to clean the grout ourselves because we thought the cost was a bit high to hire some. But after seeing the the amount of work involved, we felt we were getting a bargain! It only took  a few hours to do the entire job whereas it would have taken us weeks and it would not have come out as nice. I found that  was a pleasure to deal with. He was honest, prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

Amazing Job?
By richard - Dec 7, 2009
I highly recommend . He is the nicest person to deal with and he saved me thousands of dollars because I was about to change the floor. The floor looks brand new and my shower looks fabulous. It was so grungy before. He is a magician and I highly recommend him.

20 year old bathrooms never looked so good!
By vicki.blake - Dec 4, 2009
Grout Clinic cleaned and re-grouted 5 bathrooms in my century home. The bathrooms are over 20 years old and they look new. It's incredible. The owner is so professional and courteous and such a hard worker. It was a pleasure to have him in my home.

Tile and grout areas are the breeding  grounds for  bacteria  .
There is a potential for MRSA ( Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) eliminating the germs,toxins, and bacteria that can cause infection can be done by thorough cleaning.

spring cleaning

Means giving your home a thorough cleaning that, in turn, means cleaning all the things that you donít normally bother with. It would be quite easy to go through your home cleaning everything you see thoroughly - but ultimately missing some things out. For example; dusting above the door frames and the tops of the doors, deep cleaning floor grout  polishing the door furniture itself, clearing out the bathroom cabinet and cleaning the inside of it Ö the list could be quite an extensive one. This is exactly the point as to why you should make a spring cleaning list, to avoid missing anything out.